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About Us

"There's alot of folks who talk
the talk but not
as many who walk the walk.
Integrity walks the walk."

Transformations Community Development Corporation is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization based in Atlanta's English Avenue neighborhood. Our mission is to transform the residents and neighborhoods of English Avenue, Vine City and other contiguous 30314 and 30318 communities through mechanisms of economic empowerment, affordable housing options and motivational case management, which will promote self-sufficiency. By pursuing and executing this mission, Integrity will uplift and enhance the Westside community as a positive place to live, work and worship.

ITCDC envisions a new Vine City and English Avenue community, transformed through social, economic, and physical revitalization. We envision a community that is united, safe, attractive, and affordable, and that is experiencing social, economic and physical revitalization through empowered individuals, economic options, and affordable housing opportunities.

Since 1995, Integrity Transformations Community Development Corporation has provided resources for employment and training that enhances job readiness for over 6000 Westside job seekers and entrepreneurs. We also assist in housing acquisition, renovation and construction while providing resources for financial literacy and home ownership to area residents.

Our History

"Integrity is definitely
an appropriate name for
Rev. Beckham's organization"

For almost 20 years, Integrity has served the low income residents of the English Avenue and Vine City neighborhoods, evolving to better meet their needs. Integrity was originally formed as the New Jerusalem Community Ministries in 1995 under the leadership of Rev. Howard Beckham, pastor of New Jerusalem Baptist Church. Its mission was to provide services, opportunities, and resources to holistically impact the lives of the residents of the English Avenue Community and to improve their quality of life. A food pantry, initiated in 1995 and the Grace Period Recovery Home for Women, established in 2003 were later integrated into New Jerusalem. The name was changed to Integrity Transformations Community Development Corporation in 2010.

As ITCDC has evolved it has become more and more apparent that the low-income residents of Atlanta's Westside need to escape the low-wage revolving door where they return over and over again for the same assistance. Integrity's programming improves the lives of both the participating individuals and their families by empowering them, bolstering their pride, increasing their economic options and improving their standard of living.  Through Integrity support, Vine City and English Avenue residents collectively experience greater pride in their neighborhoods, a better neighborhood quality and are encouraged to invest in home and business ownership.

How You Can Help Us!

With your donation we will be able to continue growing and empowering individuals in our community providing them with the skills needed to succeed



Contact Us

692 Lindsay Street
Atlanta, GA. 30318
Phone: +1.404-853-1780
Fax: 404-853-1781
E-mail: info@integritycdc.org



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