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Integrity Highlights

New Programs to serve Westside Residents

Thursday, June 07, 2018 • General
With the coming of spring, Integrity has added four new initiatives to serve Westside homeowners and renters...


Care and Conserve is a City of Atlanta program for low-income water customers that offers repairs and replaces high flow fixtures that may lead to high water bills, at no cost to the customer. In November 2017, Integrity CDC was selected as one of the three Program Managers who will lead the overall implementation of the program and be responsible for required all intake and reporting efforts. Integrity will be working with two other key program partners to implement the three main elements of this program: water conservation education, job training and plumbing repairs. The water conservation training is planned as the entry point into the program services. Individuals can either call the office seeking services and be referred to water conservation workshop series or learn about the program from a program flyer and just come to the first workshop.  A series of three one hour-workshops will center on the topics: Water Cosnervation101, Water Audit for Lifestyle change and Water Wise. 

As part of our partnership with the plumbing repair contractor, participants in Integrity's Westside Net and Bridge programs will be eligible to receive plumber's repair helper training. After completing the training, plumber's helpers will complete water conservation audits and fixture installations required by the program. Plumbing system repairs will be made by the plumbing contractor.

Integrity will be hiring a dedicated project manager and case manager for this program. Care and Conserve Program activities should begin in the spring of 2018.

Door-to-Door Resident Outreach

Treena Washington and Charlie Brown recently joined Integrity Transformations as door-to-door Outreach Specialists who will work to build relationships, share information and collect data in Westside neighborhoods. Data collected from homeowners will assist with pre-qualification of applicants for the Anti-Displacement Tax Fund, sponsored by the Westside Future Fund and Brush with Kindness, in partnership with Habitat for Humanity, programs. Specialists will provide brochures and flyers about life enhancement services available in the community as the topics surface or as needed.

GED Program

In conjunction with the Atlanta Public Schools and Worksource Georgia, Integrity instituted a free GED program in March. The program is open to all Westside residents that need this service and can help them improve their basic reading and math skills and elevate their TABE scores. The training consists of both traditional and online instruction. Classes are held Monday, Tuesday and Thursday mornings at our 692 building. See our new GED Program page for more information.

Are You Interested in Buying a House?

Westside Homeownership Readiness Initiative – Integrity will prepare residents of 30314 and 30318, along with Westside Works graduates, for affordable homeownership through education and access to additional housing units. The homeowner education program will begin later this spring. You can register by filling out an application here, or call the office!

In future, Integrity plans to operate as a community housing development agency acquiring affordable housing units for purchase and rental by the workforce we develop. As this additional housing becomes available, Integrity will use its database of workforce development clients as a pool of potential renters and homeowners. We will serve as a pipeline that conveys residents from housing rental to housing ownership as they move from unemployment to full, long-term employment.

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