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Success Stories

Nancy Johnson

Nancy relocated to Atlanta from Benton Harbor, Mi in January 1993, looking for a better life.

I relocated to Atlanta from Benton Harbor, MI in January 1993, looking for a better life. My journey has been filled with difficulties as well as good times. I didn't finish high school but I did receive my GED.  I have worked many jobs in the years that I have been in Atlanta, mostly in the sales and the food industry.  I have not been happy with my jobs, and as I got closer to 60 years old, I became less and less satisfied with myself.   I thought about my life and realized that I had stopped my own personal growth.   My son told me about New Hope Enterprises and I called to set up an appointment in order to change my life and occupation. I was not prepared for the STRIVE program and its "Boot Camp" format, but I found out that I needed that in my life. The program teaches you skills that you can use in the work place and everyday life, and provides the tools to help you achieve your goals. I gained both soft skills and hard skills, and achieved my goal of completing STRIVE and the Microsoft Office Operations program.  My next step is to complete the IT Program and begin my new career.

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