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Rev. Howard Beckham, Chief Executive Officer

Rev. Howard Beckham
Chief Executive Officer

Andrea Ashmore, Chief Operating Officer

Andrea Ashmore
Chief Operating Officer

L.Lamont Wise, Chief Programs Officer

L.Lamont Wise
Chief Programs Officer

Rosemerry Redd, Director of Intake Services

Rosemerry Redd
Director of Intake Services

Shenika Jackson, Lead Intake Specialist/Career Advisor

Shenika Jackson
Lead Intake Specialist/Career Advisor

Ursula Hodge, Executive Assistant

Ursula Hodge
Executive Assistant

Judy McDaniel, Intake Specialist/Career Advisor

Judy McDaniel
Intake Specialist/Career Advisor

Teshana Hambrick, Intake Specialist/Career Advisor

Teshana Hambrick
Intake Specialist/Career Advisor

Arlene Bowles, Recruitment Specialist

Arlene Bowles
Recruitment Specialist

Willie Gray, Facilities/Security Manager

Willie Gray
Facilities/Security Manager

Charlie Brown, Outreach Specialist

Charlie Brown
Outreach Specialist

How You Can Help Us!

With your donation we will be able to continue growing and empowering individuals in our community providing them with the skills needed to succeed



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