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Westside NET

"It's a lot of people who said I wouldn't accomplish my goals, but I did!"

Westside NET prepares job seekers for work by focusing on:

  • Motivation for a sustained job search
  • Professional development support
  • Soft skills training
  • Financial literacy
  • Job readiness training
  • Resume preparation
  • Interview preparation
  • Computer use training

We offer additional placement and referral support to program graduates. This three-week long program will give you're the necessary pre-employment skills and empowers you toward success. The Integrity staff is committed to stick with Westside Net program graduates until they achieve stable employment.

  • Have you been unemployed for a long time?
  • Have you been have been unable to find a job because you don't have the prerequisite job entry skills?
  • Do you have difficulty reading? Believe you can't successfully respond to job advertisements, prepare resumes or succeed at the interview? You may not know how to use a computer.

If so, Westside NET is the program for you!

You can get started now by clicking here to apply for the next session of Westside NET.

How You Can Help Us!

With your donation we will be able to continue growing and empowering individuals in our community providing them with the skills needed to succeed



Contact Us

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Atlanta, GA. 30318
Phone: +1.404-853-1780
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E-mail: info@integritycdc.org



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