Success Stories

Angela Davidson, A Success Story

Angela Davidson was having a hard time finding a job because of the pandemic and her background. Four days after her start with Integrity, she was ready for the workplace and on her way to her new job.

Angela first heard of Integrity through a flier she picked up at the grocery store. She called the number on the flier and registered for the NET program. When her case manager, Ms. Shenika, discovered Angela didn’t know how to use a computer, she picked her up and brought her into the office so she could take the class face-to-face with the instructor (while following COVID-19 safety precautions of course). In addition to the NET program, Angela completed the digital literacy course led by Ms. Chervon so she could learn how to use a computer.

Angela said that she is grateful for all the support she received from Integrity. “They sit down and help you through everything, they take time from what they’re supposed to be doing to help you accomplish what you’re trying to reach. They were there for me.”

When she finished the NET program and digital literacy course, Integrity’s job developer Mr. Phelps found Angela a housekeeping job, a position that uses her previous experience. While things got harder with the pandemic, Angela is now back on track thanks to Integrity. “I’m trying to change my life,” Angela said. “I got a son and 6 grandkids, and I just want to do better for myself.”

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