• Nyoka Hambrick

    Nyoka Hambrick graduated from the culinary program in February 2019. Prior to enrolling in the program she registered for online classes but struggled to stick with them. "I needed to have a physical location to help me stay committed," she explains.

    Her daughter, Teshauna Hambrick, is an Intake Specialist and Career Advisor at Integrity. That's how Nyoka heard about the culinary program. Teshauna encouraged her mom to apply saying, "She was already a great cook so I felt like it would be a great opportunity for her."

    Nyoka said she learned a lot from the program but her favorite part was learning how to make sauces and dishes from scratch. She made mayonnaise and hollandaise sauce completely from scratch as well as a cheese sauce for a macaroni and cheese dish. Her favorite instructor was Chef Juliet Peters; her favorite part of the program was getting the chance to meet so many people who loved to cook. "Westside Works played a big role in my life. It helped me to get started and made sure that I finished," she said. 

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  • Lutrenda Mikell

    In 2018, Lutrenda was a stay at home mom who worked a part time security job to make ends meet. She was surfing the web looking for jobs and training opportunities when she stumbled across Westside Works. After registering and attending orientation, she decided the CNA track was the best fit for her. She enrolled in STRIVE, which is a prerequisite for the CNA class. "STRIVE taught me who I was and helped me to figure out where I was going. We had a large class of fourteen people and it was great to have so many different personalities meshing together. It helped everyone to learn something," she said. Lutrenda's personality and work ethic caught the attention of her instructors. They knew Westside Works had an open position as an Administrative Assistant/Intake Specialist and recommended Lutrenda for the job. She thought the office work schedule would be a good fit in her life and began working at Westside Works a few weeks later. "Westside Works has definitely improved my life financially. But it also helped me to have a more positive outlook on life," she said. 

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  • Theodore King

    The new Care and Conserve Plumbing Repair Program is a partnership with the City of Atlanta's Watershed Management Department. The program aims to provide eligible low-income homeowners' assistance with water and sewer repairs, conduct water audits, conduct plumbing assessments, and provide water conservation education counseling. A component of the program is the plumber's apprenticeship program. The program provides Westside residents hands-on training to be qualified to assist plumbers with home repairs. The first group of plumber's apprentices graduated in August and Theodore King was one of these graduates. Prior to the program he was unemployed. He heard about the program through Gateway and was immediately interested. "I wanted to make a change in my life. Instead of all the negative I wanted to go positive," he said. Theodore credits the program and the people in it for helping him to make a change saying, "The people that I was in class with, if it wasn't for them I wouldn't have made it. They were my focal point. Everything I experienced we did together." Theodore is part of the first group of plumber's apprentices and will begin work with Talon Plumbing as part of the Care and Conserve Plumbing Repair Program. 

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  • Sheridy Moore

    "I'm a hustler. I always have a plan B," Sheridy says as she sets aside her stethoscope. Sitting in her bright green nursing scrubs waiting for class to start she looks determined. Sheridy heard about Integrity through The Center for Working Families. She got her GED at the Dunbar Center and while discussing her future, she was referred to Integrity. First, Sheridy went through the STRIVE program to prepare herself for the job hunt. She says STRIVE helped her to learn how to communicate to get a job. "I learned how to work in a professional environment. Taking the class made me much calmer," she adds. After completing STRIVE, Sheridy decided to enroll in the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) class. She was certified seventeen years ago and was confident she could complete the coursework and get a job at a hospital. She highly recommends coming to Integrity for assistance saying, "In this community there are opportunities now. There are resources and jobs available but it's up to you to want it." She's committed to finding the right fit for a job no matter what it takes. As she shuffles her papers and prepares for the class to start she says, "I'm going to put up a fight. And I'm going to win."

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  • Shawn Summerour

    Shawn graduated from the NET/BRIDGE program in summer 2018. He learned about the program through Hope House. Hope House gave him a chance to "get off the street and start fresh." Shawn has learned a great deal from the program but he says the most important thing is, "You have to start somewhere. You need to be connected to some type of program in order to network and make connections." Before starting the NET/BRIDGE program Shawn worked at a tire shop. He hopes to be able to advance and find a better job as a result of the program. He already has interviews lined up with FedEx and Waffle House. Shawn says the program helped him to take little steps towards his goals. He adds, "People need to be comforted because it's hard to do it all by yourself. It can be very isolating. Everyone needs a helping hand and Integrity has provided that."

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