Success Stories

Demetrius Streeter

Demetrius Streeter graduated from the NET/BRIDGE program in summer of 2018. Prior to enrolling in the program Demetrius worked the night shift at Wal-Mart. He notes the tough schedule as a major factor in his decision to attend the NET/BRIDGE program saying, “I needed more sleep. I’d love to find a job where I can work the day shift.” He hopes that the skills he’s developed in the program will help him as he searches for and acquires a new position. He attributes knowing how to present himself in job interviews to the class saying, “I now know the responsibilities it takes in order to get and keep a job.” Demetrius has already been spreading the word about NET/BRIDGE and encouraging people to enroll. “I’ve told people about it and I hope they decide to come,” he says smiling. Demetrius values everything he’s learned from the class but he says the best part about the program is, “The people. The teacher was so enthusiastic about helping us. Plus meeting fellow students has been really great.” Demetrius already has interviews lined up with FedEx and Waffle House and hopes that one of those opportunities pans out.