Integrity Highlights

Employee Spotlight: Walter Evans

For our first employee spotlight, we’re highlighting our Professional Development Trainer, Walter Evans.   

As the Professional Development Trainer, Walter instructs the NET class. NET is a week-long soft skills class that teaches interviewing skills, time management, conflict resolution, and other skills that help someone excel in the workplace and in life.   

As an instructor who comes in contact with every person who comes through Integrity, Walter says the most rewarding part of his job are the successes. “I feel like a parent. I don’t have any children personally, so I feel like their successes are also my successes.”   

Through teaching soft skills and life skills, Walter really gets to know his students over the course of a week. “There’s success, always, inside each student that I’ve had. I look at each student as being a diamond in the rough.” As an experienced instructor, Walter knows when and how to nudge students out of the comfort zones so that they can accomplish their goals, and sometimes even beyond their goals.  

The NET workshop is unique because it is where individuals begin to hold themselves accountable, Walter said, and they being to realize that their past does not determine who they are and their future. “We’re creating more than just a good short period of time. I will say creating or opening doors to being good fathers, mothers, or citizens.” 

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