Success Stories

John Jackson, A Next50 Success Story

John Jackson was ready for a change when he received a call from Integrity offering help with job placement.

Before the pandemic, Mr. Jackson was having a hard time finding a job because of his background, so he gave up on the job search and started mowing lawns in order to pay the bills. Once the pandemic hit, everything changed. “It was upside down. The pandemic hit, and all my jobs closed down. I had to move out of my home.” He moved in with his eldest daughter and helped around the house.

Mr. Jackson said getting the call from Integrity was perfect timing because he was getting tired of cutting people’s grass, although he kept doing it to pay the bills. Through the Next50 program, Mr. Jackson got a job as a forklift operator for $16.00/hour.

After his positive experience with Integrity and the Next50 program, Mr. Jackson has recommended going through the program to a couple of his friends. He found the staff motivational and felt like family, and was thrilled when he got a job. “It’s a great feeling at the end when you get the job, because you will get a job, if you really want it. You have to have the ‘Want to’ attitude.”

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