Westside Landscape Technician Training Program (WLTTP) provides a hands-on learning experience that can lead to immediate employment or self-employment. While participating in this 90-day landscaping training program, you will learn skills that will advance your career in a structured, goal-oriented and professional environment. This landscaping program provides field experience in both residential and commercial spaces and will help prepare you for a career in native landscaping.  You will learn just what it takes to run a landscape contracting firm, from basic landscape maintenance, and enhancement operations, to managing your own business. You will also receive Westside NET soft-skills training during your first two weeks of the program.

By participating in the WLTTP, you will be able to strengthen your existing skills while learning new techniques that will help you feel more confident and prepared for the future. These accomplishments could never be acquired in the classroom alone, but are the direct result of the on-the-job training that is part of the program. This program also offers a monthly stipend to its participants.
Program activities include:

  • Lawn management
  • Bed work
  • Irrigation

As part of the program, you may also learn the following skills:

  • Planting and maintenance of trees, shrubs, ground covers and flowers
  • Lawn seeding, topdressing and fertilization
  • On ground irrigation
  • Pest and insect control
  • Mowing following landscape designs
  • Use of machinery (lawnmowers, trucks, weed trimmers, etc.)
  • Construction of landscape structures
  • Limited placements with landscape design
  • Starting a lawn care service
  • Customer Service and Retention
  • Recycling and other green initiatives

The actual skills you learn will vary based on your previous experience and the specific work sites at which you are placed.

Program Duration:
Three months (90 days)

You can click here to apply for the next session of the Westside Landscape Technician Training Program online.

Or visit the Integrity Office at 692 Lindsay Street NW, Atlanta 30318 to fill out an application in person.

Call 404-853-1780 for more information