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Introducing the Senior Digital Savvy Program- Empowering Your Digital Literacy Skills!

Calling all Atlanta and Clayton County seniors age 50 and older and living in Atlanta, Fulton County and Clayton County zip codes 30310 30311 30314 30315 30316 30317 30318 (Atlanta) 30331 30337 30344 30349 30354 (Fulton County) 30213 30236 30238 30250 30274 30291 30297 (Clayton County).

The Senior Digital Savvy program is thoughtfully designed to enhance your digital literacy skills through 30 hours of comprehensive training, including telemedicine and Microsoft Office suite demonstrations.

The week-long training program will be conducted face-to-face from 10 am to 4 pm, Monday through Friday, at Atlanta Technical College. While masks are optional, the college strictly adheres to all safety guidelines to ensure a secure and comfortable learning environment. Each day you will be provided with a delicious lunch, and for your convenience, transportation to and from the training location will be available from multiple centrally located pickup sites.

To ensure you can continue your digital journey effectively, we will provide you with a laptop computer and a mobile hotspot, offering 12 months of complimentary mobile internet access upon successful completion of the program. We only request your commitment to utilize the laptop and online tools you acquire during the 12 months following the training.

Enrollment is now open for the first class session, commencing on August 28th. In case the class reaches maximum capacity, we will place you on a waitlist for the subsequent sessions, on a first-come, first-serve basis.

In addition to the Senior Digital Savvy Program, you may also be interested in Integrity’s Community Assistance, Resources, and Employment for Seniors (CARES) program. CARES provides a wide range of services specifically tailored to seniors, particularly those residing in Atlanta’s Westside. The program focuses on fostering valuable opportunities through work experience readiness training and community service, assisting participants in securing full or part-time, un-subsidized employment. You can find out more about CARES during your intake phone call.

Integrity Transformation, in collaboration with Atlanta Technical College, is enthusiastic about serving you through this new and innovative program.

To secure your spot in the program, you can register here. If you require assistance in completing the online form, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Rosemerry Redd at or call 404 853-1780.

Sign up today and embark on your journey to digital proficiency with the Senior Digital Savvy Program!

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