Success Stories

Sheridy Moore

“I’m a hustler. I always have a plan B,” Sheridy says as she sets aside her stethoscope. Sitting in her bright green nursing scrubs waiting for class to start she looks determined. Sheridy heard about Integrity through The Center for Working Families. She got her GED at the Dunbar Center and while discussing her future, she was referred to Integrity. First, Sheridy went through the STRIVE program to prepare herself for the job hunt. She says STRIVE helped her to learn how to communicate to get a job. “I learned how to work in a professional environment. Taking the class made me much calmer,” she adds. After completing STRIVE, Sheridy decided to enroll in the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) class. She was certified seventeen years ago and was confident she could complete the coursework and get a job at a hospital. She highly recommends coming to Integrity for assistance saying, “In this community there are opportunities now. There are resources and jobs available but it’s up to you to want it.” She’s committed to finding the right fit for a job no matter what it takes. As she shuffles her papers and prepares for the class to start she says, “I’m going to put up a fight. And I’m going to win.”