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The Westside NET Program Goes Online

Integrity begun its newest iteration of the Westside NET program on April 20th, online learning.  The traditional NET program has been converted into a shorter program that will meet Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 9am to 12 noon for 2 weeks. Integrity staff are also modifying the class exercises add a greater number of small group exercises and reduce the number of one-on-one exercises.

Before starting the online class, prospective students must complete their intake activities with their Case Managers and complete the program orientation that has been available online since March 23rd. Once they have completed their orientation, students can participate in the classes online from their phone or computer. If they plan to use their phone, they will need to download the ZOOM app to connect to the class.  The second online graduation took place on last Friday on May 22nd.

“I believe that this new avenue of learning will move Integrity to a new level.” Said Ursula Hodge, the Westside NET Program Manager.  “I hope the success of the program will allow Integrity to continue online training as an option for those facing physical barriers such as the lack of transportation or childcare, even after the shelter-in-place requirements end.”

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