Do you need to improve your computer skills?

Integrity’s Digital Skills Development class is an entry-level course designed to introduce users to basic computer principles. It is a basic course that requires little to no previous experience. The class provides basic information technology (IT) literacy and ensures one understands the different terminology and the functionality of the basic Microsoft Office Suite. Students learn how to access the software and their documents from a desktop, laptop or their personal phone.

After the initial class session, each student’s next step varies based on the level of computer literacy they have. Students with little to no computer experience focus on the basic skills and then progress to cover the more complex functions of Microsoft Word. Once a student is proficient at a particular skill level in the Word software, they may pursue a higher level of competency or receive training in another software such as Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint or a database program.

The two-week session meets Monday through Thursday from 1 pm to 3 pm. Students need to have completed the Westside NET program before enrolling.

Many of the participants who complete the Digital Skills Development class continue to hard skills training through the Westside Works program. The IT Fundamentals class includes a certification that you can use to get high paying employment.

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