Success Stories

Shawn Summerour

Shawn graduated from the NET/BRIDGE program in summer 2018. He learned about the program through Hope House. Hope House gave him a chance to “get off the street and start fresh.” Shawn has learned a great deal from the program but he says the most important thing is, “You have to start somewhere. You need to be connected to some type of program in order to network and make connections.” Before starting the NET/BRIDGE program Shawn worked at a tire shop. He hopes to be able to advance and find a better job as a result of the program. He already has interviews lined up with FedEx and Waffle House. Shawn says the program helped him to take little steps towards his goals. He adds, “People need to be comforted because it’s hard to do it all by yourself. It can be very isolating. Everyone needs a helping hand and Integrity has provided that.”